Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Day of NYSCATE Web2.0 with David Jakes

Well, I've been at NYSCATE for 4.5 hours and I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the new information but excited about the new possibilities. So far I've set up a gmail account and reader account and am using this blogger account for the first time. David has a great point that I need to live this before I ask the kids to do it. Hmmmm does this mean I'll be spending even more time on line? One of the frustrating parts of my new job as elementary computer teacher is the time I'm spending grading their work. I will definitely be rethinking that! I need to make the work more authentic while teaching the skills that I have to teach. The other time factor is the lesson plans. I know that will be better next year once I have the first year under my belt. Well, time to move on to developing a wikki and evoca account.....

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